Guidelines/Obligatory Disclaimer

Just a few things to keep in mind when commenting on posts or sending me emails.

The Types of Things I Accept:
  • Questions you have about topics in computer security.  Ex. "What makes a good password?", "What's BYOD and is it safe?", "What does 'real-time protection' mean?"  (Yes, these will all be covered in upcoming posts.)
  • Even if you are well-versed in the security sphere, I will accept your recommendations for topics to discuss.  Just keep the audience in mind; don't suggest something only über nerds would enjoy reading about.
  • If you find any good educational resources you would like featured, go right ahead and send me those as well.
  • I'm getting way ahead of myself here, but yes, Grandma, you can send me fan mail.

Things I Will NOT Accept:
  • Requests to fix your computer or give advice for problems specific to you.  I am not an IT professional.  I may become one someday, but as of right now I'm just a nerdy senior in high school.  I'm not adequately trained for that kind of stuff, and the liability is too great.
  • Hate mail.  I'm not sure why anybody would send me hate mail, but there are some people out there who really just like bullying others over the Internet.  It's a good way to get yourself blocked.
  • Self-promotional spam.  I'll be honest: I'm guilty of self-promotion.  I'm doing quite a bit of it on others sites to get the word out about Technical Difficulties, so I'm not going to be super harsh about this.  If you have a blog, YouTube account, etc. regarding computers or security that you would like me to share, I'd be glad to take a look at it and I'll share it if I think it's appropriate to be featured here.  However, I will not do sub-for-sub, follow-for-follow, like-for-like type things.  I'll follow who I want to follow.
  • Malicious software, or links to websites with malicious content.  Yeah, thanks to Danooct1 I'm kind of a malware enthusiast and one of the jobs I dream of having someday is that of a malware researcher/analyst.  However, malware is not a toy, and handling it is serious business.  I'm neither trained nor equipped to take on that kind of responsibility, and I really just don't want to invite people to send me malicious content via any means.
  • Requests for personal information of any kind.  I'll share what I want to share with you.

Regarding Credit
  • I learn what I know in security from a variety of sources, and it would be literally impossible for me to remember exactly where I got every tidbit of information I re-explain here.  If I use somebody's quote or take a lot of info from a particular source, I'll give credit.
  • If you share an educational resource that is not yours, I'll give appropriate credit to whoever is originally responsible for the resource.
  • If you share your blog, YouTube channel, Facebook page, etc. with me, no additional credit is necessary because it's your blog/channel/page that I'm featuring.  If you are using an online persona and would like me to also list your real name (or vice versa), please ask.
  • I will NOT give you credit for asking a question, suggesting a topic, or sharing educational resources that are not yours unless you REQUEST IT.
  • Any pictures I use here that I get from the Internet will be credited with the URL I got them from.  I unfortunately can't get much more accurate than that.
  • If there's no URL to go along with a picture, it probably means it's my picture (like a screenshot).
  • If you have an issue with credit, please email me and we'll discuss it.

Final Disclaimer

Look.  As I said before, I'm not an IT technician.  I'm not a computer genius.  I don't hold a Master's in Computer Science, nor do I have a Software Engineering certificate.  I'm a senior in high school.  I'm keeping this blog nice and simple so that I can explain basic concepts to average people.  A lot of people who have far more advanced qualifications than me try to write books and articles that cater to the same audience.  Sometimes they succeed in explaining things in a relatively understandable manner, but I've noticed that a lot of them are so learned in the field of technology that they have trouble explaining the most basic things in plain English.  To them, it's like trying to explain the concept of naming.

Think about it—imagine if you had to explain the concept of naming things to a young child.  What's a name?  "It's what we call things."  What does call mean?  The idea of giving things names is so basic to us that we have trouble explaining it on a simpler level.  And, as crazy as it sounds, certain scary topics in computer science are just as basic to many of the digital scholars who try their best to educate the general computer-using population.  It's not that there's anything wrong with you not knowing, or them not being able to explain it.  Explaining complicated things on a simple level is difficult.  It takes a certain skill.

As you can probably tell from the length of my posts, I enjoy writing, and I have a lot of experience writing.  I'm not very articulate in person, but I am good at explaining things in writing, and I can do so in simple terms.  This is a skill that not everybody has, and I would be doing a world an injustice by not using the strengths that I have.

I'm going to use this skill and my interest in security to explain concepts that are simple to me but may be more confusing or complex for someone who isn't technically-minded or is interested in technology but doesn't know a whole lot about it.  I have very little formal training, but I still know a lot just from reading tech blogs and books over the last few years, and I can explain what I know in a format that can help you understand it, too.  But don't expect me to know everything, and please don't take everything you read on the Internet—including content on my blog—for gospel.  Everyone makes mistakes sometimes, though I'll try to correct any mistakes on this blog the best I can.

What I'm getting at is this: I assume no liability for anything resulting from you doing something silly with your computer, smartphone, or any other technological device, nor do I assume liability for any changes you make in how you guard your technological devices or digital and personal information.  I'm trying to explain concepts, and what you do with the information you obtain here is your decision and your responsibility, not mine.

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