Hello to all you wonderful people who are reading my blog!  Chances are you got here one of a few ways:

1) Through my persistent badgering on Facebook.  I guess you can stay on my friends list.

2) Through my other (and slightly sillier) blog, Lady Pakenham Needs a Hobby.  If you actually keep up-to-date with that one, I greatly question your sanity, but I appreciate the support anyway.

3) You were frolicking about the Internet and came upon a site with an address that contained the string "imscaredofmycomputer" and found it to be entertaining.  Entertaining was what I was going for, after all.

4) You're my grandmother.  I know you don't understand anything here, Grandma.  Don't worry, it's not that interesting anyway.

However, regardless of how you ended up on this here blog, know that you are welcome here and that I would love nothing more than YOU, the average bear who uses a computer (because bears do use computers when you're not looking) to send me both questions you have about computers/security and suggestions as to topics I could discuss.  I have a few ideas already, and I could come up with every silly little question under the sun to "answer" in future posts, but if I'm not writing what you guys wanna read, there really is no point in maintaining this blog, now is there?

Lastly, here are some basic things I want to hash out:

1) Please send me questions/suggestions via email: ladypakenham at  (I omitted the "@" sign in a feeble attempt to fight off spam bots.)  If you are more of a nerd, please keep in mind that the audience for this blog is the beginning to intermediate user.

2) Spread the word about this blog if you want to see it maintained!  I don't want to write for a nonexistent audience.  I already do that on LPNAH.

3) Yes, I can be found in other places on the Internet.  As my profile says, I'm an Internet junkie.  I'm on Twitter and I have a YouTube account, but the Twitter is more informal and I have absolutely no idea what to do with the YouTube account.  I'm also a moderator on the Slenderman's Shadow forums.

4) I'm kind of a private person in respect to online safety, so don't be offended.  I won't put up any pictures/videos of myself or my family here, and if I ever divulge my real name it will be my first name only.  There's a reason I created a separate Internet identity for myself.  In addition, I like to keep my friends list short, so don't ask for my Facebook account/send me friend requests unless I know you.  (The exception is if you're one of the Marble Hornets guys.  Or Danooct1.)

5) I'm in charge of the content that appears here.  I will not tolerate any trolling, inappropriate behavior, spam, or spread of malicious data (like unsafe URLs).  I maintain the right to delete comments/block users as I see fit.  If you think I'm being unfair, email me.  I have no problem with that.  However, this is my blog, and so I have the final say.

6) I won't write about anything I'm not familiar with.  I'm only human, and I'll admit that I'm still educating myself about security all the time, for technology is an ever-changing field.  I should be able to answer your questions/take your recommendations granted they're appropriate for the audience, but there may very well be occasions where I'm given a question or topic that's perfectly appropriate but also one I'm not familiar with.  I always do my research to make sure I'm giving you the most accurate information (and no, I don't consider Wikipedia a reliable source.  Sorry Wiki).  However, if I read up on the topic and decide that I'm still not familiar enough with it to give a good explanation, I'll admit it.  As Einstein said, you don't truly understand something unless you can explain it in simple terms.  Likewise, you can't really explain something in plain English unless you fully understand it.

7) Behind my name: as I said before, I created a separate Internet persona—Lady Pakenham—for security reasons.  However, how did I choose the name?  This is basically how it goes: my parents are both history buffs, and they raised me to be somewhat of a history buff (kind of).  A couple of times I've done research papers on Andrew Jackson because I find him to be an interesting (and rather complex) character.  In the Battle of New Orleans, which made Jackson a national hero, he and his men were pitted against the men of British Major General Sir Edward Pakenham.  I thought "Sir Edward Pakenham" was the most awesome, stuffy, stereotypical British name ever, and since General Pakenham was shot and killed at the battle, I figured someone needed to carry the name on.

Yes.  That's it.  That's why I'm Lady Pakenham.

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